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LEMFÖRDER Lower wishbone with rubber support on the left 36218 01

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"The quality matches that of the original part. All requirements for technical maintenance and repairs are met."


Crafted by LEMFÖRDER, a renowned manufacturer esteemed for producing high-quality automotive parts, this lower wishbone plays a crucial role in the vehicle's stability and handling.


The lower wishbone is a fundamental part of the suspension system, responsible for connecting the suspension to the chassis of the vehicle. It helps control the movement of the wheels, maintaining proper alignment and providing support during various driving conditions.


Equipped with a rubber support, this lower wishbone offers cushioning and vibration dampening capabilities. This rubber support effectively absorbs shocks and road irregularities, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable driving experience. Additionally, the durable construction and quality materials used in its manufacturing ensure resilience against wear and tear, ensuring prolonged reliability and performance.


The precise fit and compatibility of the LEMFÖRDER Lower Wishbone with Rubber Support on the Left 36218 01 with the vehicle's suspension system make it an optimal choice for replacement or maintenance purposes.

Installation location: front axle, installation location: bottom, installation location: rear, installation location: left, handlebar type: wishbone, material: aluminum, article number of the recommended accessories: 38312 01

LEMFÖRDER Lower wishbone with rubber support on the left 36218 01

VAT Included
  • LEF-36218 01

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