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BMW Engine Oil LL04 5W30

Engine Oil LL04 5W30 is an engine oil based on synthesis technology. It helps to keep the critical engine components clean and ensures very good engine performance and engine protection. At the same time, it offers constant performance and good protection against wear. Compared to conventional engine oils, this engine oil shows better viscosity properties, reduced friction and minimized evaporation tendency.


The oil is recommended for all BMW petrol and diesel engines.


- Efficiency: Reduction of CO2 emissions through fuel savings.
- Protection: prolong engine life by protecting against oil sludge.
- Cleanliness: Captures dirt particles, preventing deposits in the engine.
- Economy: Less tendency to evaporate, resulting in lower oil consumption and less frequent oil refilling.
- Performance: Provides outstanding performance even at temperatures as low as -40°C, resulting in better engine cold start performance.

BMW Engine Oil LL04 5W30

VAT Included
  • 83212405948 / 83212465849

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