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BMW 17-inch Sports Brake front disc, ventilated, perforated, for 3 Series E46

The difference from regular brake discs lies in the presence of a radial sliding bearing on the front axle for attaching the brake disc. This "floating" system allows the brake disc attachment to expand during heating.


Due to the specific design of perforated brake discs, functional noises may occur during braking, but this does not affect the functionality of the brake discs. When installing perforated brake discs, it is necessary to replace the brake pads. Existing brake calipers can be left on the car.


This product is not intended for use in versions for the USA. For ECE versions, additional registration in the vehicle documents is not required, as the brake system does not affect the registration data!


Composite brake discs can only be installed with aluminum wheels (including complete winter wheels)! The customer must be informed of this fact. A customer information booklet is provided with the composite brake disc, which should be placed in the customer's car. There is a marking on the front brake discs indicating the impossibility of installing steel wheels. In case of a breakdown, it is possible to install a spare wheel, assuming that the car will only be driven at a moderate speed (maximum 80 km/h) to the next service station. Perforated brake discs are allowed to be installed only in pairs on one axle. It is recommended to install them on both the front and rear axles simultaneously to ensure even wear of the brake pads!

- Enhanced optics.

- Emphasizes sportiness, especially when paired with open-type alloy wheels.

- Reduced weight, hence, lower unsprung mass.

- Brake discs are a wearing part, which means perforated brake discs can be offered to customers as an alternative when replacing them.

- Developed by BMW M GmbH as a special accessory.

- Technically adapted for 330i, 330d, 330 Cd, 330Ci, 330xi, 330xd with standard 17-inch brake system.

- Features compound brake discs with perforation on the front axle, similar to those used on the BMW M3.

- Standard brake discs with perforation on the rear axle.

- Brake calipers and brake pads are included as standard.

- Not available for models with drum brakes.

BMW 17-inch Sports Brake front disc, ventilated, perforated, for 3 Series E46

VAT Included
  • 34112282871 / 34112282872

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