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BOSCH Spark Plug “Double Platinum” 0 242 145 555

"The quality matches that of the original part. All requirements for technical maintenance and repairs are met."

The BOSCH Spark Plug “Double Platinum” 0 242 145 555 is a premium-grade spark plug engineered to deliver exceptional performance and longevity for your vehicle. This particular spark plug is part of Bosch's Double Platinum series, which signifies its top-tier quality and innovative design.

Featuring a double platinum electrode tip, this spark plug offers superior durability and wear resistance compared to traditional plugs. The platinum construction ensures consistent spark performance over an extended period, contributing to smoother engine operation and reliable ignition under various driving conditions.

The precision-engineered design of the Bosch Double Platinum spark plug enhances combustion efficiency by providing a strong and consistent spark. This results in improved fuel economy, optimized engine power, smoother acceleration, and reduced emissions, ultimately enhancing the overall performance of your vehicle.

The spark plug's advanced technology and materials allow it to withstand high temperatures and pressures within the engine, ensuring reliable ignition and combustion for an extended service life. Its compatibility with a wide range of vehicle models makes it a versatile and reliable choice for various automotive applications.

E.A.: 0.8mm, tightening torque: 23Nm, tightening angle: 0°, external thread: 12mm, thread pitch: 1.25mm, thread length: 26.5mm, SW: 14, connection technology: cup, spark position: 5mm, number of poles: 1-pole

BOSCH Spark Plug “Double Platinum” 0 242 145 555

VAT Included
  • 0 242 145 555

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