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BOSCH Glow plug "Duraspeed" 0 250 603 006

"The quality matches that of the original part. All requirements for technical maintenance and repairs are met."

The BOSCH "Duraspeed" 0 250 603 006 glow plug is a high-quality component designed for diesel engines, integrating advanced technology and reliability.


Engineered to facilitate swift and efficient engine starts, particularly in cold conditions, it minimizes pre-heating time.

Glow plug design: rod glow plug, glow plug design: afterglow capable, nominal voltage: 7V, length: 134mm, thread size 1: M 10 x 1, cone pitch: 63, SW: 10 mm, tightening torque from: 10Nm, tightening torque up to: 15Nm, connection technology: PIN, installation depth : 28mm

BOSCH Glow plug "Duraspeed" 0 250 603 006

VAT Included
  • BSH-0 250 603 006

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