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BMW retrofit kit M carbon ceramic brake M5 F10 M6 F06 F12 F13

The new original M carbon-ceramic brake is a technology from racing. The use of the high-tech materials carbon and ceramic increases the thermal resilience even in extreme situations such as on the race track. The weight reduction of the brake disc has a positive effect on fuel consumption and the agility of the M vehicle. Thanks to its long service life, it even slows down wear and tear.


- The sportiness of the vehicle is underlined by the attractive appearance. Especially with alloy wheels with an open wheel design.
- Innovative carbon fiber composite ceramics: This means that the brake discs are significantly more wear-resistant and they need to be changed much less frequently.
- Better braking effect under extremely high loads due to the high and stable coefficient of friction.
- 60% lighter than conventional brake discs: the reduced unsprung masses reduce the weight of the chassis and improve the road contact of the wheels.
- More precise dosing of the braking power and increased agility when cornering by reducing the mass moments of inertia.
- Even more resistance to decreasing braking effect due to high thermal stress (fading) than with the standard 6-piston fixed caliper brake with internally ventilated and perforated cast iron brake discs.
- High corrosion resistance of the material and thus an increase in the service life of the brake discs.
- The BMW M carbon ceramic brake was designed and tested according to internal requirements.


The vehicle must be carefully run in for the first 200 km after installing the brake system! After the running-in period, the braking system is fully effective. Due to the special design of the M carbon-ceramic brakes, functional noises can occur when braking, but these have no effect on the stability of the brake discs!


Material: Ceramic silicon carbide composite material reinforced with carbon fibers

BMW retrofit kit M carbon ceramic brake M5 F10 M6 F06 F12 F13

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