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BMW Protective Glass for 8.8" Touch Display

The protective glass layer for the touchscreen prevents scratches and reduces fingerprint smudges on the central information display (CID). Additionally, it minimizes glare from sunlight, enhancing screen readability.

- The protective glass provides effective defense against screen scratches and shattering, ensuring the vehicle's value preservation (e.g., for leased vehicles).
- The anti-glare effect (reduced reflection by 30%) allows for better readability of information on the display even in strong sunlight.
- The oleophobic (oil-repellent) surface ensures an enhanced touch feel with maximum responsiveness (technical interaction/response of the display).
- The protective glass is also fingerprint-resistant.
- The exclusive M branding visually elevates the display without compromising content legibility.
- Application is effortless due to the self-adhesive effect of the protective glass and can be performed up to 10 times, provided the glass is free from dirt.
- Glass Hardness: H12 (0.04 mm)
- Anti-Glare 30%

BMW Protective Glass for 8.8" Touch Display

VAT Included
  • 65502475152

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