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BMW Original water pump 11517790472 / 11517793796

This is an original spare part that is used in the cooling system of BMW gasoline and diesel engines of various models. Its main purpose is to ensure the circulation of coolant in the engine and maintain its optimum temperature.


This water pump is made of high quality materials and has the manufacturer's original specifications, which ensures its reliability and durability. It is equipped with a special drive that ensures its operation at high speed and power.


The pump includes a rotor, a housing, an oil seal and other components that ensure its proper operation and long service life.


Replacing the water pump is an important maintenance procedure for the engine cooling system. A faulty or old water pump can cause the engine to overheat, degrade performance, increase fuel consumption and other negative effects.


"BMW Original water pump 11517790472 / 11517793796" is a reliable and high quality product that guarantees the correct operation of the BMW engine cooling system, protects the engine from overheating and extends its service life.

BMW Original water pump 11517790472 / 11517793796

VAT Included
  • 11517790472 / 11517793796

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