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BMW Original rear brake pads G30 G11 (34216885451)

These brake pads are meticulously crafted to meet the stringent standards set by BMW, ensuring a secure and reliable braking experience.


- Genuine Excellence: These brake pads are meticulously manufactured by BMW, upholding the brand's reputation for exceptional quality and performance.
- Tailored Precision: Engineered to perfectly fit BMW G30 and G11 models, these brake pads guarantee a seamless integration for optimal braking efficiency.
- Elevated Safety: The original brake pads contribute to shorter braking distances and consistent braking performance, enhancing your safety on diverse road surfaces.
- Effortless Installation: Whether you choose to install them yourself or through a BMW dealership, replacing these brake pads is straightforward.


Opt for the BMW Original Rear Brake Pads G30 G11 (34216885451) to uphold your car's peak performance. Ensure dependable braking and a smooth driving experience by securing your set of these brake pads today.

BMW Original rear brake pads G30 G11 (34216885451)

VAT Included
  • 34216885451

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