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BMW Original EGR thermostat 11717787870

This is a genuine BMW part that is used to control the temperature in the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system.


The EGR system is used to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere by recirculating part of the exhaust gases into the intake manifold. The EGR thermostat regulates the temperature in the system to ensure the EGR functions properly and reduces emissions.


This thermostat is made from high quality materials according to BMW standards, which ensures the reliability and durability of the product. It has the original manufacturer's specifications to ensure optimum performance and compatibility with your vehicle.


You may need to replace the EGR thermostat if you notice a deterioration in engine performance, increased fuel consumption, or errors appearing on the vehicle's display. Replacing the thermostat can restore normal operation of the EGR system, resulting in reduced emissions and improved engine economy.


"BMW Original EGR thermostat 11717787870" is a reliable and high quality product that ensures the correct operation of the EGR system and environmental protection.

BMW Original EGR thermostat 11717787870

VAT Included
  • 11717787870

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