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BMW Original coolant level sensor 17137553919

This is an original part from BMW, which is used to control the level of coolant in the car's cooling system.


This sensor works on the principle of measuring the electrical resistance of the coolant. When the fluid level in the coolant tank decreases, the resistance in the sensor changes and a warning is triggered on the car's dashboard.


This sensor is made of high quality materials and comes with the original manufacturer's specifications to ensure the reliability and durability of the product. It is compatible with BMW vehicles of various models.


You may need to replace the coolant level sensor if you notice errors on the vehicle display related to the coolant level, or if you see the coolant level in the reservoir drop faster than usual. Replacing the sensor will allow you to quickly and accurately control the coolant level and ensure the correct operation of the vehicle's cooling system.


"BMW Original coolant level sensor 17137553919" is a reliable and high quality product that ensures the correct operation of the car's cooling system and protects the engine from overheating.

BMW Original coolant level sensor 17137553919

VAT Included
  • 17137553919

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