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BMW M Performance Retrofit Kit 19" Sport Brakes for M2 F87

The red M Sport brakes are the first sport brakes offered for retrofitting on the M2. This upgrade enhances the brake size on the front and rear axles compared to the standard brakes, significantly improving braking performance under extreme conditions.


The DSC coding needs to be adapted to the M Sport brake system.


The vehicle must be driven carefully for the first 200 km after installing the brake system. After that, the full effectiveness of the brake system will be achieved.



- The attractive appearance of the M Performance Red brake system complements the vehicle's extroverted design language and accentuates its sportiness.

- A unique coding variant of the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) ensures the functionality of the safety-relevant stability system and all associated driver assistance systems.

- The design and durability of the brake system perfectly complement the vehicle's sporty characteristics.

- The presence of the perforated sport brake discs is particularly striking when combined with open wheel designs.

- The M Sport brake has undergone rigorous testing to meet all BMW standards for quality and performance. The retrofitting maintains the vehicle's warranty coverage.



- The larger, internally ventilated, and drilled BMW M Compound brake discs, compared to the standard ones, ensure improved thermal resilience and thus provide more braking performance under extreme conditions. During rapid acceleration and frequent braking, the brake performance (including good responsiveness and thermal stability) is maintained for a longer period.
- The 6-piston fixed calipers at the front axle and the 4-piston fixed calipers at the rear axle are made of lightweight and optimized aluminum construction. The lightweight, drilled Compound brake discs are composed of multiple parts, featuring an aluminum hub with a floating cast iron friction ring.
- Maximum integration: The M Sport brake perfectly fits into the installation space and has its own tuning of the control system. This ensures the proper functioning of the safety-relevant DSC and all dependent driver assistance systems.
- The DSC coding must be adapted to the BMW M Sport brake system.


- Brake calipers: Aluminum, painted in M Performance Red
- Multi-piece brake discs: Aluminum bowl with floating cast iron friction ring
- Brake splash guards: Aluminum

Technical data:

- 19" 6-piston fixed caliper, front axle
- 400 x 36 mm compound brake disc (internally ventilated, perforated), front axle
- 18" 4-piston fixed caliper, rear axle
- 380 x 28 mm compound brake disc (internally ventilated, perforated), rear axle
- Necessary additional parts: 2x brake pad paste (3g)​​​​​​​

BMW M Performance Retrofit Kit 19" Sport Brakes for M2 F87

VAT Included
Shipping is expected in 4 weeks
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