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BMW M Performance Exhaust for M3 F80 M4 F82

From the racetrack straight to the streets: The lightweight valve exhaust system with a titanium rear silencer generates a highly emotional, race-like sound. It was specially designed for the 3 Series and 4 Series M models. Visually, the two 80 mm double tailpipes made of titanium with the M logo give the vehicle a distinctive look. Alternatively, 93 mm carbon fiber tailpipe trims with the M logo can also be selected.

- The M Performance exhaust system gives the vehicle's rear end a distinctive and individual look.

- The perforated inner tubes showcase a high level of high-tech sportiness, emphasizing the unique characteristics of the BMW M.

- High-quality alternatives: You can choose between tailpipe trims made of titanium and carbon, allowing for further customization of the vehicle.

- Sounds like performance: Via the Engine Dynamics Selector, several modes can be activated, influencing the performance of the exhaust system: Sport and Sport+ Mode: Extremely emotional sound, very sporty, very loud, maximum Performance. Efficient Mode: Sportier sound, noticeably more sporty and emotional compared to the standard, yet with residual comfort for uncompromising everyday use.

- The optimized exhaust routing enhances the distinctive 6-cylinder bi-turbo sound and underscores the sporty driving experience.

- The exhaust system is made of a high-quality material mix, with the front pipes crafted from lightweight stainless steel and the rear silencer entirely made of titanium.

- Lightweight: The exhaust system is 32% (8 kg) lighter than the standard component.

- The exhaust system was developed using the latest CAD and FEM technology, ensuring optimal fit and manufacturer quality.

- Easy installation: The exhaust system can be easily installed by screwing it in. Welding is not necessary.

BMW M Performance Exhaust for M3 F80 M4 F82

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