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BMW brake fluid DOT4 LV, low viscosity 1000ML (83135A82511)

This high-quality brake fluid is specifically designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability for your braking system.


- Superior Quality: This brake fluid is manufactured using advanced technologies and adheres to BMW's highest quality standards.
- Low Viscosity: The specially formulated low viscosity formula ensures quicker and more efficient fluid movement throughout the braking system.
- High Boiling Point: The high boiling point of the brake fluid provides stability at elevated temperatures, preventing the formation of vapor bubbles in the system.
- Corrosion Protection: The brake fluid formula is designed to protect brake components from corrosion and wear.
- Compatibility: This brake fluid is intended for use in BMW vehicles and guarantees compliance with manufacturer specifications.


Ensure safety and reliable operation of your braking system with BMW Brake Fluid DOT4 LV, known for its low viscosity. Maintain optimal brake performance and confidence in their functioning by acquiring this brake fluid today.

BMW brake fluid DOT4 LV, low viscosity 1000ML (83135A82511)

VAT Included
  • 83132405977 This item is replaced by 83135A82511.

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