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BMW Original air filter G11 750i left and right

These original air filters are specifically designed for BMW models G11 750i. They are a crucial component of your car's air filtration system, ensuring clean air supply to the engine. This is essential for efficient operation and prolonged engine life.



- Original Quality: These filters are genuine BMW equipment, ensuring the highest standard of quality and reliability.
- Optimal Filtration: They provide effective air filtration, capturing dust, dirt, and other particles that may enter the engine.
- Manufacturer Standards Compliance: These filters are designed and tested by BMW, guaranteeing full compliance with their performance and safety requirements.


Ensure your car gets the best protection and performance with these genuine BMW air filters. Confidence in quality and reliability is what they guarantee for your engine. Remember to regularly change air filters to maintain your car's optimal performance.

BMW Original air filter G11 750i left and right

НДС Включая
  • 13718613250 / 13718613251

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