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BMW M Performance Armrest Alcantara M3 F80 M4 F82

The new M Performance armrest completes the M Performance interior look and ensures a well-rounded and high-quality overall picture. Thanks to its functionality and its fine materials, it also offers maximum comfort for the sporty driver.


The armrest impresses with its noble materials and a special look: Alcantara and carbon with a striking, silver-grey cross-stitched seam. A three-colored M seam can be seen here on the M vehicles.


The length of the armrest is basically adjustable and is equipped with an open-pore carbon cover at the rear end. For M models, this panel is finished in high-gloss carbon.


The design ensures a round, high-quality overall picture: the seam runs optically in one line up to the handbrake handle.


For maximum comfort: the driver can relax and rest his arm on the soft Alcantara material.


The materials and the high-quality workmanship complete the overall picture of the M Performance look across the entire center console.

BMW M Performance Armrest Alcantara M3 F80 M4 F82

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