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LEMFÖRDER Ball joint 13307 01

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"The quality matches that of the original part. All requirements for technical maintenance and repairs are met."


The LEMFÖRDER Ball Joint 13307 01 is a critical suspension component designed to enhance the stability and functionality of your vehicle's suspension system.


With the part number 13307 01, this ball joint is specifically engineered for compatibility with certain vehicle models. The ball joint is a pivotal part of the suspension system, connecting the control arm to the steering knuckle and facilitating smooth and controlled movement of the wheels.


If you're experiencing issues such as clunking noises, vibrations, or irregular tire wear, replacing the ball joint with the LEMFÖRDER 13307 01 is crucial for restoring proper functionality and maintaining safe driving conditions.


Installation location: rear axle, installation location: bottom, installation location: on both sides, installation location: outside, length: 67.3mm, outer diameter: 57.1mm, inner diameter: 16.2mm, item number of the recommended accessories: 37830 01, item number of the recommended accessories: 37832 01

LEMFÖRDER Ball joint 13307 01

НДС Включая

    LEF-13307 01

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