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MANN-FILTER Air filter C 15 143/1

"The quality matches that of the original part. All requirements for technical maintenance and repairs are met."

The MANN-FILTER Air Filter C 15 143/1 is a high-quality air filtration component designed to optimize the performance of your vehicle's engine.


With its part number C 15 143/1, this air filter is specifically engineered for compatibility with certain vehicle models. Its advanced design ensures improved airflow, contributing to enhanced engine efficiency and fuel economy.


Regularly replacing the air filter with the MANN-FILTER C 15 143/1 helps maintain clean air intake, prolongs engine life, and promotes optimal combustion.


Choosing the MANN-FILTER Air Filter C 15 143/1 means investing in a reliable and high-performance filtration solution for your vehicle's engine.

Inner diameter: 109mm, height: 498mm

MANN-FILTER Air filter C 15 143/1

VAT Included
  • MAF-C 15 143/1

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