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LEMFÖRDER Right Wishbone 13087 02

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"The quality matches that of the original part. All requirements for technical maintenance and repairs are met."


The LEMFÖRDER Right Wishbone 13087 02 is a precision-engineered suspension component designed to enhance the stability and performance of the right side of your vehicle's suspension system. 


The wishbone plays a crucial role in connecting the suspension to the chassis, providing support and allowing controlled movement of the right wheel.


By choosing the LEMFÖRDER Right Wishbone 13087 02, you are opting for a reliable and durable solution that adheres to strict quality standards.


Einbauort: Vorderachse, Einbauort: unten, Einbauort: rechts, Einbauort: hinten, Lenkerart: Querlenker, Material: Aluminium, Ergänzungsartikel/Ergänzende Info 2: mit Gummilager, Artikelnummer des empfohlenen Zubehörs: 38816 01

LEMFÖRDER Right Wishbone 13087 02

VAT Included
  • LEF-13087 02

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