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INA Valve tappet 420 0090 10

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"The quality matches that of the original part. All requirements for technical maintenance and repairs are met."


The INA Valve Tappet 420 0090 10 is a precision-engineered component designed for use in automotive engines. Manufactured by INA, a reputable brand known for quality automotive parts, this valve tappet is crafted to meet stringent performance standards.


This valve tappet is an essential part of the engine's valvetrain system. The precise design and durable materials used in the INA Valve Tappet contribute to its longevity and reliability.


When replacing or maintaining your engine, choosing the INA Valve Tappet ensures a reliable fit and optimal performance.


Operating mode: hydraulic, outer diameter: 12.00mm, height: 34.70mm

INA Valve tappet 420 0090 10

VAT Included
  • INA-420 0090 10

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