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BMW Retrofit rear lights facelift G30 M5 F90

The LCI measure for retrofitting rear lights with a facelift offers the option of upgrading customer vehicles by 07/2020. The rear lights can be upgraded to the LCI measure with individual parts. The new status of the facelift rear lights based on the new design language and the new appearance enables a clear differentiation from vehicles before LCI (LCI = Life Cycle Impulse).


The conversion is only valid for vehicles built up to 07/2020 (i.e. before LCI).


A TÜV registration is not necessary. The vehicle must be programmed after the retrofit.


- All-new look for pre-LCI vehicles.
- Flashing lights with LEDs in the rear light on the side wall and tailgate.
- Modern and sporty appearance based on the new design language.
- Modern LED technology.
- Possibility of retrofitting in original series quality.

BMW Retrofit rear lights facelift G30 M5 F90

VAT Included
Shipping is expected in 4 weeks
  • L24-1000277

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