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BMW Original Turbocharger mounting kit 11652457367

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The BMW Original Turbocharger mounting kit, part number 11652457367, is a set of components required for replacing or installing a turbocharger on a BMW engine.


Turbocharger mounting kit includes the following components:


Seals and Gaskets: These include gaskets, sealing rings, and other materials that ensure a tight seal and secure connection between the turbocharger and the engine.


Fastening Elements: Bolts, nuts, clamps, and other fastening elements are included to securely attach the turbocharger to the engine and other parts.


Lubrication and Cooling Elements: The kit might contain lubrication materials to ensure the proper functioning of the turbocharger, as well as components for cooling, such as pipes or sprayers.


This specific kit is designed for a particular model or range of BMW cars and may have specific components tailored to the manufacturer's requirements.

BMW Original Turbocharger mounting kit 11652457367

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  • 11652457367

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