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BMW M Performance mechanical limited slip differential F30 F31 F32 F33 F36

The BMW M Performance limited-slip differential is a mechanical rear axle gear that is used to reduce slip when one of the wheels has less traction. The differential lock gives the wheel more torque due to better traction. The M Performance limited-slip differential thus optimizes traction and ensures even more controlled and precise handling at the limit. A real highlight for a demanding and sporty driving style.


- Makes cornering an experience: The M Performance limited-slip differential is suitable for the particularly sporty driving style on the race track. It ensures a much more stable cornering and faster acceleration out of the corner.
- The handling of the vehicle is more defined - it is therefore much faster to move through corners.
- Whether it's raining, snowing or being dry - traction is improved on every type of road. However, if the driver deactivates all control systems (display: DSC deactivated/DSC off), this requires careful driving in wet and snowy conditions and is only recommended on closed terrain.
- The locking differential is an additional, self-contained component that can be built back at any time. For example, when the vehicle is resold, it can be re-equipped with the series component.
- The limited-slip differential has been extensively developed and tested. It meets the high BMW quality requirements.
- Simple assembly: The M Performance limited-slip differential can easily be replaced by the BMW partner.
- In principle, the mechanical locking differential is maintenance-free.


- The torque-sensing M Performance limited-slip differential ensures regulated, optimal power distribution on the rear axle.
- The core function of the locking differential is to balance the drive power between the wheels on the rear axle. In contrast to ESP, the less-adherent wheel is not braked, but the engine power is distributed to both wheels. With the help of the intelligent mechanics, there is a significant improvement in traction, which means that the power can be converted into propulsion. This allows you to accelerate out of the curve earlier.
- Due to the different locking effect in traction mode (when the engine is driving) and overrun mode (e.g. when you take your foot off the accelerator), the M Performance limited-slip differential is optimally matched to the vehicle.
- The proportional slip of the locking differential has been adapted to the dynamic behavior of the vehicle. This ensures a smooth transition from one mode of operation to the other. Even with spirited driving, the driving behavior is always predictable and the vehicle can be controlled at all times.

BMW M Performance mechanical limited slip differential F30 F31 F32 F33 F36

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