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BMW M Performance front grille Iconic Glow G30

The M Performance front grille Iconic Glow sets a unique highlight at the front of the vehicle. Exclusive LED lighting effectively sets the scene for the kidney grille and the front of the vehicle from the moment it is opened to driving off and from the moment the ignition is switched off to locking the vehicle. The incomparably radiant appearance also ensures that e.g. B. Objects can be recognized more easily in the dark.


Electrical lines may not be connected to other unintended voltage sources on your own initiative.


Technical information:
- The LED lighting is integrated into the front grille in such a way that the frame and the bars are illuminated with white light from above.
- The lighting is controlled as apron lighting. The apron is additionally illuminated when boarding and alighting.
- The kidney lighting is active both when the vehicle is opened and in the period between "ignition off" and locking the vehicle.
- When driving off, the lighting goes out automatically. After locking the vehicle, the light is slowly dimmed down.
- The Iconic Glow front grille is swapped for the non-illuminated front grille and connected to the vehicle electrical system with a cable harness.
- Electrical power/rated power: 5W LED light.
- Only for vehicles without night vision with person detection (06UK).

BMW M Performance front grille Iconic Glow G30

VAT Included
Shipping is expected in 2-3 weeks
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