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MANN-FILTER air filter C 27 045

"The quality matches that of the original part. All requirements for technical maintenance and repairs are met."

The MANN-FILTER air filter C 27 045 is a high-quality filter designed to effectively clean the air entering your car's engine. It removes harmful particles, dust, and contaminants, ensuring optimal engine performance.

Made of top-notch materials, it offers high airflow without compromising filtration efficiency, leading to improved engine performance and fuel economy.

Easy to install and compatible with various car models, this filter is a reliable component that extends the engine's lifespan by shielding it from external impurities, ensuring smooth operation.

Length: 269mm, width: 265mm, width 1: 152mm, height: 38mm

MANN-FILTER air filter C 27 045

Tax Included
  • MAF-C 27 045

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